Nebula Andra: Synchronicity

To Synchronize the Sounds of Different Hearts

Synchronicity Abyss

"I'm sorry, Anya. Please don't look for me."

Those were the last words he had left Anya before disappearing from her life. Having known him through a shared mind link since the early years of her childhood, she can’t help but feel that his sudden absence means he’s in danger. For that reason, she sets out to find her lost friend with the only knowledge about him she has—the name she had once given him: Raymond.

However, the outside world is much darker than she expected. As her country is torn apart by the tyranny of the Dark Lord Kyros, she soon becomes a primary target, and Anya finds herself thrown into a battle that could determine the future of the entire world. But what will she do when everything she thought she knew begins to crumble to ash around her?

Synchronicity Radiance

"I will save you, Ray. No matter what."