Evalyn Karen Tisha

"I'm glad I've learned so much, though. I really enjoy alchemy, and I can help a lot of people with it."

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: Verscika 7th
Nebulae: Scorpio Major, Pisces Minor

Evalyn is a young alchemist from the mining town of Hygiea. She's a kind-hearted girl who can't just leave someone in need. Her older brother left to find work a while ago, and now Evalyn wants to find him. Because of this, she joins Anya on her quest.

Evalyn's skilled in creating potions with many different effects, such as smoke, flashing, healing, and even acid. She also knows the human body well, needing that knowledge for healing with the power of Scorpio. However, she tends to be clueless in other areas of study.