Nebula Charts

The 12 nebula affect each other in different ways. Below are some, but not all, of the ways the nebula help and hurt each other:

Weakness Circles ('>' for 'is strong against'; judges raw power only, not usage)
Gemini > Libra > Cancer
Taurus > Sagittarius > Pisces > Taurus
Aries > Aquarius > Aries
Virgo > Scorpio > Virgo
Leo > Capricorn > Leo

Conducting Nebulae ('σ' for 'conducts'; depends on usage)
Aries σ Sagittarius
Virgo σ Scorpio
Libra σ Aries
Libra σ Cancer
Sagittarius σ Aries
Pisces σ Sagittarius
Pisces σ Aquarius

Inhibiting Nebulae ('ζ' for 'inhibits'; depends on usage)
Taurus ζ Aries
Taurus ζ Sagittarius
Gemini ζ Libra
Cancer ζ Gemini
Leo ζ Capricorn
Virgo ζ Scorpio
Libra ζ Aries
Libra ζ Cancer
Capricorn ζ Leo
Pisces ζ Aries
Pisces ζ Cancer

Compound Nebulae (depends on usage)
Aries + Aquarius = Water
Scorpio + Gemini = Life
Scorpio + Taurus + Pisces = Plants
Taurus + Aries = Metal
Pisces + Taurus = Mud