Name: Kazea Tetsujen
Zodiac Symbol: Aries

So, to begin, my preferred name is 'Kazea' both online and offline. I'm studying to become a successful game designer at Namco Bandai Games, and I'm also Nebula Andra's Editor.

Truth be told, according the the way nebulae work, Aries is not really my first choice in an affinity power. I'd much rather be a Libra, because wind is my favorite element. Darn you universe! Giving me fire! ...Well, fire is pretty cool, so, meh, guess I can live with it.

...Yes, I'm very strange...

I've followed Nebula Andra since its very beginning, and have helped both during its creation process and after Synchronicity's completion in the hopes of aiding in its future publishing. I have a somewhat impressive English history; I've been in AP courses and taken lots of outside writing classes to help improve both my skill as a creative writer and my skill revising my work, and now, the work of others. That said, I'm in no way a professional editor, though my skills as one, I think, are strong and dependable.

My hobbies include writing, anime, and video games--especially of the RPG genre. I have a fascination with Japan in general, which spurs on the hopes of one day working there. My favorite games are the ones within the Tales Series. My inspiration for most things, even life at times, is the beautiful JRPG known as Tales of Symphonia. I also enjoy Final Fantasy, Zelda, Pokemon, and many more. Anime-wise, I love Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Eureka Seven, and again more in numbers too numerous to count. I also enjoy studying and researching things of interest, and drawing. I'm... not that great an artist, though it is still fun to attempt to improve.

I love things with romance, especially. However, the romance needs to be balanced by other genres in order for it to be enjoyable to me. Action, adventure... I preferably wish for fantasy in what I read or play.

I have an eight year project, intended for production in the Tales Of Series, called Tales of the Elements. I hope to one day see it come to life and make it on the shelves of stores worldwide as a real game. I could go on to explain many of my motives for this game and what it is, though that would take quite a lot of page I don't feel I should use.

Please enjoy the site, and take the time to support the upcoming Nebula Andra Saga. It is already an epic and touching set of books that convey many great morals and lessons on life.

With that, I suppose that's all there is to tell about me.

Thanks for reading~
-Kazea Tetsujen